Farming at Kincaid Ranch is a new endeavor, where we are working to create a bio-integrated farm that will produce abundant produce in a few years.  Currently, our farming operations include turning dry desert with heavy, clay soils into productive land through the use of permaculture practices.  Rather than plant monocultures of a single plant, we create intensive systems in a small area that utilize and shape natural processes and cycles.  Our driving force in our plantings is diversity rather than monoculture.

For example, rather than plants rows of one crop, or create an orchard with a single fruit type, we create guilds with various plants that support one another as they grow together.  We are currently planting fruit orchards with peach, apple, cherry, and pear trees.  A single apple tree in this orchard will not be surrounded by tilled earth and grasses, but with supporting plants such as native lupine, aliums, currants and honey berries.  Our blackberry guilds are being planted with companion plants such as roses, bee balm, borage, hyssop, mint, lemon balm, strawberries and even peas and beans to give nitrogen back to the soil.  Our new blueberry and huckleberry guild will also produce rhubarb, radishes, potatoes, peppers, endive, parsley and thyme.