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We sell out every year!  Reserve your grass-fed beef early in the year, and speak directly with our butcher in the fall to order your beef custom cut to your specifications.  Our 2023 price is $6.99 per pound hanging weight. If you would like to learn more about buying beef directly from the ranch, please read the full description below.

By checking this box and purchasing a deposit for beef, you understand and agree that your deposit is non-refundable and only secures the purchase of the amount of beef you requested when available in the fall. You will be advised of the full price of your beef (based upon hanging weight) in the fall after butchering (in October / November). At such time, you will be required to pay the balance within 48 hours of electronic notification to the email address you provide when placing your deposit. You will not be able to collect your beef from the butcher until your balance is paid in full. If you fail to pay within 48 hours, you agree that Kincaid Ranch, LLC will keep your deposit your beef may be sold to another buyer without refund or further remedy for you. If for any reason Kincaid Ranch, LLC is unable to deliver the beef you ordered, you agree that a refund of your deposit will serve as your sole legal remedy and that you will have no further legal cause of action against Kincaid Ranch, LLC. You are solely responsible for picking up your beef from our butcher in Emmett, Idaho, and for paying your butcher fees directly to the butcher. Please see our terms and conditions for further in formation.

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100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef . We sell out every year … reserve your fall beef early in the year! 


Kincaid Ranch cattle are raised  differently, and because of that, our beef tastes  differently. Unlike most livestock raised in this country . . .  

  • Kincaid Ranch cattle eat only grass their entire lives, just as ruminant animals are designed to do. They’re never fed grain, because cattle raised on a well-managed ranch do not need grain to grow well and provide healthy, delicious food.  
  • Kincaid Ranch cattle never receive any unnecessary drugs like antibiotics or growth hormones.  Healthy animals living on a healthy ranch don’t need them. 
  • Kincaid Ranch cattle are under two years of age, black angus / beefmaster, and are only processed in early fall before enduring a harsh winter. Our carefully raised and processed grass-fed and grass-finished cattle provide beef that is tender and delicious. 

Kincaid Ranch’s happy, healthy cattle grow up the way nature intended. They flourish on a simple diet of mom’s rich milk, mineral supplements like kelp and trace mineral salt, and all the grass they can eat. 

When you purchase beef from Kincaid Ranch, you’re choosing to support a system of educated, humane, sustainable agricultural practices. You’re doing your part to help keep America’s small farms thriving. And you’re supporting your local economy by keeping some of your food dollars right here! 


In the fall of each year.  Reservations with deposits are accepted all year, and reserved animals are processed and delivered October through January.  We sell out every year.   Every year, all of our available animals are reserved months in advance, so please get your reservation in early to avoid disappointment.


Click your selection above to make a deposit to reserve a whole, half, or quarter beef, which will be delivered in the fall / winter (October – January). You are purchasing a live beef from Kincaid Ranch, and as a free service to our customers, we make the processing arrangements for you.  You, however, stay in control of how your beef is cut by telling us how thick you would like you steaks, how many to a package, how big you would like your roasts, whether you would like stew meat or more hamburger, and so forth. 


We calculate your purchase price based on the processor’s “hanging weight” of the animal. This is the weight of the useable portions of the slaughtered animal before cutting and wrapping. In addition, you pay the processing fee for custom cutting, wrapping, and freezing.  Our 2023 price is $6.99/lb hanging weight, plus processing fees. 

Because you are purchasing an individual animal, your actual cost will depend on the individual animal’s actual weight. Hanging weights range from around 600 to 800 pounds per whole beef, with the average steer weight around 700 pounds. Feel free to specify if you’d prefer an animal in the smaller or larger weight range.  The hanging weight typically ranges 300 to 400 pounds for a half beef, or 150 to 200 pounds for a quarter beef.

Processing cost average $140 for harvesting the whole animal ($70.00 half, $35 quarter) plus $.75/lb hanging weight for custom cutting and wrapping. 


A nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve an animal. Your deposit will be deducted from your balance due at delivery.

Deposits are $750/whole beef, $350/half beef, $250/quarter beef. Make your payment with a personal check mailed to the ranch or online by clicking the link to reserve your beef. 

Payment of the balance is due at delivery, once we know the exact weight of your animal. At delivery, you will also pay the processor’s fee with a second check (separate checks required by Idaho law).

In the fall, we will contact you to confirm your cutting instructions and to discuss a tentative date & location for delivery.  


Half or Whole Beef :  If you reserve a half beef or whole beef you have choices, and you can pick from any of the options shown in the cut list below. 

Quarter Beef : When you reserve a quarter beef, it’s packaged in “mixed quarters,” which includes standard cuts from both the front and rear quarter of the animal. There are limited cutting options when you order a quarter beef.

The available  cuts are all shown in the cut list below. You will be able to tell the butcher how thick you would like your steaks, whether you want prime rib roast or prime rib steaks, whether you would like short ribs, brisket, stew meat or more ground beef instead of those special cuts.  Because our steers graze on fresh grass, never grain, with no unnecessary antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals, your beef will be delicious and healthy no matter what cuts you choose.  The result is delicious and healthy beef from cattle who enjoyed life on the range, the way nature intended. 

When we contact you in the fall to get your cutting instructions, we will attach an order form.


– Steak Thickness: 3/4″ OR 1″ OR 1-1/2″ OR 2″
– Steaks per Package: 2 OR 3
– Average Roast Size: 2-3# OR 3 to 4# OR 4 to 6#
– Ground Beef Package Size: 1# OR 1-1/2# OR 2#
– Ground Beef Patties
– Short Loin: T-Bone OR NY strip steaks
– Top Sirloin: steaks OR burger
– Sirloin Tip: steaks or roasts OR burger
– Heel: roast OR burger
– Rump: roast OR burger
– Round: steaks OR swiss steaks OR roasts OR cubed steaks OR stew OR burger
– Flank steak, only on whole or half beef: yes OR burger
– Tenderloin: filet steaks OR roast
– Rib: steaks OR roast
– Shoulder: roasts OR burger
– Chuck: steaks OR roasts OR burger
– Brisket, only on whole or half beef: yes OR burger
– Short Ribs: standard) 

– Cubed Steaks: yes OR burger
– Stew Meat in 1-1/2# packages OR burger
– Soup Bones: yes OR no
– Dog bones: yes OR no

What kind of cuts will I get?

With a half of a beef, there are approximately 12 roasts, 14 t-bone steaks, 5 sirloin steaks, 5 sirloin tip steaks, 14 rib-eye steaks, and 6 round steaks. There are also short ribs, flank steak, stew meat, brisket and approximately 75 pounds of ground beef. You can choose to have any of the cuts made into ground beef.  Working with your processor, you can customize your packaging for your convenience. 

How much freezer space do I need?
For each 25 pounds of packaged beef, you will need about 1 cubic foot of freezer space. So, if you order a quarter of beef, you need about 5 cubic feet; for a half of a beef, you’ll need about 10 cubic feet. 

Every fall, we arrange to have each of the Kincaid Ranch reserved beef professionally and humanely slaughtered. This is a calm, peaceful, quick & efficient process that treats the animals with the gentleness & respect they deserve. 

Your beef is dry aged for two weeks. It is then carefully cut to your specifications, wrapped or double-wrapped with plastic film and heavy-duty freezer paper (depending on cuts and your requests to the processor), your beef is labeled with your name, and each cut is labeled with the year and the cut, and placed in a commercial freezer. Several days later, your beef is thoroughly frozen and ready to go into your own home freezer. 


When your order is nearly ready, we will email you with your delivery date, time & location along with an invoice for the balance due on or before delivery day.  Your meat will be cut, wrapped, frozen solid & boxed. If you’ll be putting your meat into a freezer within an hour, you shouldn’t need to bring coolers. However, if you plan to attend to other shopping or have a distance to travel home, please bring ice and coolers or heavy insulating blankets to make sure your meat arrives home sin its safe, frozen solid condition. 

If you would like to learn more about buying beef directly from the ranch, please read our related blog at

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