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Discover the abundance of Idaho's high desert.

Natural, quality products, pasture-raised on our Idaho ranch.

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Das Stück von Der Stuk

Our blog is written from the perspective of our ranch German Shepherd, Stuka. Translated, it means “A Bit from Stuka.” We hope you find her insight and reactions to ranching particularly mindful and more interesting than those from us humans.

Kincaid Ranch Holiday Beef Brisket

Holidays at Kincaid Ranch mean that I, Stuka, the ranch German Shepherd, get to sample mom’s dishes before the humans. This year, mom took a simple cut of high-quality, grass-fed beef and made it into a holiday meal. We didn’t need prime rib or turkey or ham. Dinner was delicious, with an all natural Kincaid Ranch grass-fed beef brisket, smoked ...

Kincaid Ranch Pulled Beef

The day before Memorial Day, Mom was going to take a brisket out of the freezer, which is a walk away from the house and near our barn.  She planned on doing this after we finished our evening chores.  While we were outside feeding the chickens and geese and talking to the horses, big clouds started rolling in, and a ...

Jalepeño Grass-fed Beef Pepper Sticks

Mom makes these spicy beef pepper sticks for humans, but I get to taste them (just a little piece).  They are the best pepper sticks I have ever had, free from ANY chemicals!  Just natural smoking preserves them in the refrigerator for up to three months, but they are gone way before then.  Here’s how mom does it. You need: ...

How to Buy Beef Directly from Kincaid Ranch

A perspective on Kincaid Ranch beef, from Stuka, the ranch German Shepherd: Our beef is not sold in little pieces.  Instead, we sell our beef by the share: a whole, half or quarter of a steer goes to one buyer, rather than a single steak or roast. Although I tend to just eat one bone at a time, I like ...

Happy Cows & the Meaning of Grass-fed at Kincaid Ranch

We raise steers each spring for us and others to eat in the fall.  During the summer, the steers range acres of grassland, but if the summer is hot, and the grass dries up, we feed them hay (never grain).  I love to go to the pasture and check on them every day.  Because they have room to roam, they ...